jueves, 4 de octubre de 2012

Once upon a time there were 3 brothers : Eliza ,Damian and Gael
They lived in Chihuahua . The job of their parents was to take care
Of the animals, also de kids planted corn to eat . In that times
They couldn't have fun with their wooden toys.
One day they had an idea to invent a television, they worked very hard
For 5hrs .
Next day they found a space and they started creating a park.
When it started to rain a lightning fall in the park and the children
Started to cry,when rain stoped they saw that the park and the games
become colorful.

Since that time they were famous for inventing things so all kids
Of Mexico made a statue of the 3 siblings.

Amaury and Karen

Rodrigo magaña
Once upon a time there was a boy who was so sad because war begans, so he took his things and went to fight. His pet give him things like weapons and luck all things that he need on war. One day he was the best in war but he has a fragile point was his pet. One person went for his pet and took it so the boy was angry and took revenge and he found his pet and killed all persons and won the war and he was happy forever. The end.🎱

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  1. No encontré lo demás así que le dejo mi calaverita aquí .

    Estaba Emiliano
    Cantando y bailando
    Llegó la Llorona
    Con mueca risona
    La pobre Llorona al ver su desgracia
    Se fué huyendo a la casona

    Lo siento Llorona gritaba la madre
    Castigaré a Emiliano querida comadre

    El pobre Emiliano
    Se fué hacia el infierno
    Tanto cantando
    Como sufriendo